Site rules

Thanks for visiting my blog page.

This blog page was set up to help others and to encourage people as they walk with God.

Feel free to comment on my posts.. however I have rules and they go like this


Rule number 1.

Be nice

Rule number 2.

Be very nice

Rule number 3.

Be an encouragement to others.

Rule number 4.

If you are not nice I will delete your post and ban you from my site.

Rule number 5.

I will deal with troublemakers.. I want YOU to ignore them.

Finally… my education is limited as I only have a primary school education. I make both grammer and sentence structure errors, regularly!! This blog is not about getting it right, but saying what is in my heart. I have friends who have both the love for me and the ability to help , if they see those mistakes. Please look past the mistakes and be gracious.

Thank you. Be blessed.