I wrote this blog last night, at the end of Mother’s Day here in Australia. I wanted to share it with you.


“Today has been so many wonderful moments. Some funny, some wonderful, some brought tears and others made me laugh. All I know is that I have two awesome young men who enrich my life in so many ways.

Early hours this morning I was sad that I had to get up at 5am to work, and I was miffed at my boss in asking me to work on Mother’s day. But later that morning just on daybreak, I had the most peaceful moment looking at the sunrise and thanking God for the moment. I got to speak to a lady who was glad to work as she lost her only daughter to a car accident a few years before. I also got to see a number of men, with flowers and chocolates, rushing out of the shops when it opened. Today was a good day, because it made me a much more grateful person today.

For me, I spent time with my husband, my teenage sons, church members, and friends. I phoned my sister and mum and talked with them. I was treated by my husband and eldest son, who paid for a lovely lunch so mum did not have to cook. I enjoyed watching the antics of my friend’s children and my children, all now young adults. I received so many beautiful messages from friends, that I have spend a lot of time going thru tonight and answering them. Thank you to each and every one of them.

I laughed over my eldest trying to give me fashion advice and was amused by his horrified face when he found out what type shoes I was going to wear with my outfit. I was warmed by my husband’s words to me this morning and grateful that I now have a husband who sees me and honors me. I leaned into my youngest son’s embrace and laughed at him when secretly tried to use the time to see if he was still taller than me when I have high healed shoes on. Today I looked over their faces as saw the men that they all are and grateful for the chances I have right now.

Later on, I handed a wet washer to my eldest son as he walked out of the bathroom, annoyed and upset that he now couldn’t work due to a tummy bug, and then talked budgeting with my over enthusiastic 13 y.o on his type of spending. At bedtime tonight I got to give them a hug and tell them how proud I was of them.

I also chose today to spend time with two beautiful women who recently lost their sons. One will never be with her on this earth, and one will always look down the road for her son to return. These are mum’s whose hearts are missing a tiny bit.

Now, as the proud owner of a new box of chocolate, and very heart-warming card from my sons, and lots of good memories from today, I will cherish each and every one of them. Tomorrow when my sons are in school, I will open up their card and with fresh tissues read, “… To the best mum in the whole world, thank you for the way you support us and thank you for always trying your hardest…”.

 Tonight, my heart is full. Full of memories and moments. I am blessed, not because I have, but because I have the ability to give to others.  In my heart I am more grateful to my Father God who has been my parent  – loving and giving to me even in the years when I could not see life ever being good again. Now, I get to give to Him, my all. 

Yes, tonight my heart is full and grateful , loving the moments in an imperfect life, surrounded by imperfect people in a world that is not always fair…because grateful is not depended on perfect of fair, but on a heart that sees beyond this.

So for all the mothers who are hurting, those that spent the day caring for family, for those who were not remembered and honored, and for those who have nothing. May I encourage you to look beyond things in front of you and look beyond the painful moments and lean on God. That is not a cliche, I know this to be true.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and …the dad’s who are being mum and dad, the mum’s to be, the ones who will never be mum’s and to those that were only a mum for a moment. To the grandmothers, mother, aunts, and women who there for children everywhere – have a blessed day today and be grateful. “