Baby Steps


Have you ever watched a child take their first steps?

Baby steps are important to all of us. If we don’t start to walk…well…we stay on our hands and knees. Here is an exerpt from my book that I would like to share with you…


For those of us who are mothers, remember when you waited for your children to take their first steps. It was a moment in time that you remember.

For some of us we held their hands and slowly let go while they stood on their own feet. Slowly we moved back and held out our hands. With unsure steps, they slowly lifted one foot after the other. Our faces shone with excitement and encouragement, while their faces mirrored ours. While we started the encouragement with a tone that was calm, by the time they took two steps our voice was high with excitement. We took a hold of their hands and drew them to us – hugging and laughing.

Later that day or the next our little one is hanging onto a chair or the wall, and then suddenly they start their own baby steps out into the middle of the room. We held our breath, not wanting to scare them by shouting our excitement. In the middle of the room they suddenly looked around for something to hang onto and, like Peter walking on water, they suddenly realise they needed to go back to where it was safe.

For a long time some of us have been hanging onto our Father’s hand or  the pews of our church, and sat stubbornly on the floor not wanting to do anything. Occasionally God lets go and wants us to walk to Him, to trust that He is there. This is hard. God’s Word shouts encouragement and calls us to Him. The Holy Spirit speaks the words of the Father to us. But we duck our head and excuse ourselves, not wanting to leave the safety of the known.

Daughter of God, the time is now to stand up, to walk in all that he has for you. He is calling you now. His whisper to our own spirit is urgent and pleading. Pray, believe and obey. Read His Word and get to know Him. Draw near to Him, daughter, and know that He will draw near to you.

James 4:8a “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…”


(Taken from “He Whispers our Name” by Ruth Lindsay copyright 2015)

Our baby steps are important to God. They are the very start of anything we do. Pray and ask God to help you as you take your first steps towards the plans He has for you.

Be blessed.