Song of Justice


My God, my Saviour, my heart cries out to You for the protection You have promised.

When the ground shakes under me, I can find You alone to stand upon.

You are my Rock, my solid foundation.


The ground may move, the earth may tremble, but you my God stand firm.

You hold me firm when my faith is weak. You are merciful when I fail You.

You are my Stronghold and my Deliverer.


Giants surround me spilling forth their lies. They wait in earnest for me to fall.

They crouch expectantly for me to be overcome by my frailty.

But you, my God, rescue me and set me on my feet.


You heard my cry, my Saviour and you brought me forward to be encircled by Your arms.

Judge me fairly according to your mercy, and steadfastly reveal the truth in the courts.

No one is like you my God, You only can I praise.


I lift my eyes in earnest, and look to You my God.

My heart resounds with praise, and sings with sure joy.

My God and my King.


– © Ruth Lindsay   April 2015


I wrote this poem during a time where I cried out to God for intervention over a matter I was going though. Some sections of this poem are not literal – eg. “giants”. For me the giants are the things that seem bigger than big. Sometimes they are people, but mostly they are problems, the unknown, lack of faith, uncertainty or even a lack of wisdom. Sometimes is is gossip and slander.


This poem came from the heart and I am sharing this with you. I hope that you will be blessed as I was in writing it.