My book

“He Whispers Our Name”

Have you ever had someone whisper you name? Does it get your attention quickly?

God whispers your name. He waits for your answer. He is calling His daughters to rise up in answer to His

whisper, to have His Word on their lips and to stand firm in their faith.

Would you answer His call and hear His whisper to your heart?


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Here is what others say about this book:

‘In her book, “He Whispers Our Name”, Ruth Lindsay introduces herself and God’s calling her to women’s ministry. Her joyful passion to share insights into successful Christian living in daily life comes through her own trials and heartache.

“He Whispers Our Name” is a book for men as well as women. Honest humility and transparent simplicity fill it’s pages with spiritual insight and mature wisdom. It reads like an intimate letter. I commend this book to all who enjoy good Christian reading and those who want a deeper walk with God.’

Dale German BA, D. Div, D. Min

“The words that are in the pages of “He Whispers Our Name” are truly written within Ruth’s heart; of that, we can be certain! She speaks as if we are sitting at her table and sharing morning tea, yet the profound truths of who God is and how He speaks to each one of us are so very evident. Ruth shares from the personal and intimate perspective of her everyday life. Because of her candour and the relevance of her testimony, this book at once becomes easily read and received.

Her book both encourages and challenges us to step to the next level of our faith,  taking God’s truth and grace not just at face value, but deep into our hearts where the real changes take place! Well done Ruth! We look forward to your next book!”

Tony and Mina Gunter.

Pastors, Western Downs Life Church

Chinchilla Qld Australia