Taste and see

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In my children’s early years, I often tried to get them to eat new food. My insistence in wanting them to eat the food in front of them, was met with the same amount of determination from them not to eat it.

Recently my 13-year-old was adamant that he did not like a particular type of food. His 6-foot-tall body lounged against my kitchen bench top and he folded his arms defensively, while I decided to dare him to try something new. While being polite with me, he was determined that he was not going to eat it.

After he left the kitchen, I looked at uneaten food, shook my head and raised my eyes to the ceiling. Suddenly, I realised that God had just spoken in a split second and yet it was like He had spoken for a long time. It was such a weird sensation and came with a knowing of what God was saying and what He was revealing in my heart… yet it only lasted a second of time.

I saw a glimpse of me… and God as my parent.

“Try this Ruth”
“I don’t know God”
“It is good for you”
“It doesn’t look good… It looks really, REALLY different”
“Try it”
“Do I have to?” (oops, do I hear whining)
“I am pretty sure I am not going to like it, God.”
“Ok” ( I screw up my face and reach forward with my mouth open)

It does taste good. Very different. It has a full flavour of God’s goodness. Peace … like..mmm… unbelievable peace dances across my mind and through my body, humming with …oh….my….WOW.. WHAT was that…

My eyes make contact with my Father God. “What is THAT?

He smiles. “ A touch of my Spirit”

I swallow mesmerised by what He has just done, I want to laugh, but my God’s presence is serious.

“Daughter, after all you know about Me you still doubt who I am. I am not going to harm you, I know you better than you would ever know yourself. “

I am quiet, close to tears, but excited… I want more.

“Taste and see that I am good, Ruth. There is far more than you can see with your own two eyes. You pull back when I ask you to trust.”

“I am scared, Father.”

There is silence and I feel foolish. I know I am making excuses. So, I shut my month.

“My children do not want to taste what I have to offer them, my own people are happy with a bland diet of watered down Me. They are malnourished and sickly. Satan offers them lollies and they are happy with this.”

“If my people are not sharing their testimony of God’s delights, they will think that it is only Satan that gives something. His kitchen is open, it smells good from a distance and but is rotten to the core.”

“Drink from Me Ruth and eat of what I give you. You will grow strong on what I have to offer.”

Suddenly I realize that all God has shown me is clear in my heart. Yes, taste and see that the Lord is good… (Ps 34:8)

You cannot only half taste of God and know enough to tell others.

A little of God will not satisfy you and you will not be able to resist the food from the enemy’s kitchen.

Not only that, if I were really hungry I would devour what God offers to my starving heart.

There are times when I am hungry for God, and sometimes I am happy to sit well fed and content. God waits for me to come to Him and ask Him to fed me, and He does, but not always what I want. He is not going to pander to my cravings for chocolate, or desires for sweet things. He will give my spirit, soul and body what it needs.

It will always balanced, nutritional and enough to satisfy. It will draw me to go from the safe and secure to trust that He will sometimes call me out of my comfort zone to trust Him.

There is also the persecution that will come, because I am a God-atarian or, Father-ivorous.

Godatarian (noun)
one whose dietary spiritual needs are satisfied by God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Fatherivorous (adj)
a person who gains strength and spiritual nourishment from “Abba” (Father).

People laugh at our dietary needs and mock our spiritual intake. They may, one day, want to throw us in jail and kill us for our desire to live a certain way. God knows this, and is strengthening us for what we need in the future and not just now.

My God is a good parent who loves me without limits. He gives freely to me what I need, not what I want. What He offers to me is life long and has an excellent eternity seal to it.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. Psalm 34:8

Be Blessed.