Hi, my name is Ruth Lindsay. Welcome to my blog page.

I am a wife, and stay-at-home mum of two boys. I am also an author of  “He Whispers Our Name”, a book that encourages women to seek God and find that He has been waiting for them to answer Him.

As founder of “Be Alive Ministries”, my heart is to encourage, reach, teach and inspire women of all ages to be alive – alive in Him, alive with each other, and alive in this world. My ministry is a faith based ministry and I travel where I can to share and encourage other.

I have a Web page – www.ruthlindsay.com.au and a Facebook page “Be Alive Ministries”.

Be blessed!



2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. I hear you Dale. That is where I used to be and I still have days where I seek God out for that “aliveness: :-P. God changed me when I plugged into Him. He made me alive, and He gave me the heart to stay. It is not a feeling, it is an absolute knowing. May I encourage you to ask God about you…yourself. And read the bible, start with Psalms. David sure knew how to plug into God. Bless you.